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Local Citations Promoting your business is all about gaining trust. Citations can help gain this trust and get your business seen in local SEO results

The basics — what is trust?

You might not even be sure how to define trust. So let’s start there. When we discuss trust, we are talking about: Being able to have a sense of security and confidence when dealing with someone Having the ability to predict that someone will act in specific ways and be dependable Earning a level of credibility that has built up over time Trust is a critical part of all interactions that we have as humans. It also plays an integral role in communicating in the workplace. How long would you be the client of an accountant or lawyer if you didn’t trust that they had your best interest at heart? How long would you stay in a relationship or maintain a friendship with someone you didn’t trust? But figuring out how to trust someone can also be as important as being trustworthy yourself.

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